Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program is geared towards youth violence intervention. It’s for youth ages 12-17 years-old who’ve been exposed to violence, or have used violence. We provide information and teach skills to empower youth to make safer choices, avoid abusive behaviors, learn nonviolent alternatives and share what they’ve learned with their peers. They also learn about teen dating violence and healthy relationships. Our mission is to promote the value of life and empower youth to end the cycle of violence in their lives and their communities.

The Parent Engagement Sessions: Parent engagement sessions are for parents only and are designed to help the parent/guardian support his/her child through their process of healing and change. You’ll be asked to attend one session. During this time you will get a glimpse of what your child has been learning in the Youth Development Program. Your attendance is mandatory in order for your child to successfully complete the program.

For more information, please call (618) 251-9790