Warm Neighbors Cool Friends

Who We Help

Our programs are designed to help moderate-income customers of Ameren Illinois. We help senior citizens trying to manage rising expenses on a fixed income and families coping with disability, illness and job loss. Most do not qualify for other forms of assistance, so they need your help even more.

Typically, total household income must fall between 150 to 300 percent of the federal poverty level to qualify for bill payment assistance. Our home weatherization program targets households with incomes at 150 to 300 percent of the poverty level. Learn more

Helping Those Who Help Themselves

Warm Neighbors Cool Friends offers a helping hand – not a handout. To encourage personal responsibility, our programs often require customers to share in the weatherization improvement costs and make matching payments on their energy bills.

Note that families must show proof of income. A family’s monthly gross income must fall between the below ranges, based upon family size, to qualify.

Family Size 30-Day (Gross) Monthly Income Range
1 $2,266- $4,263
2 $3,053 – $4,871
3 $3,839 – $5,479
4 $4,626 – $6,088
5 $5,413 – $6,575
6 $6,199 – $7,063
7 $6,986 – $7,550
8 $7,325 – $8,038

We work with a statewide network of social service agencies, church groups and community organizations to determine applicant eligibility at the local level.

RFM takes care of all Madison County residents. Please call the office for more information to see qualifications and procedures. 618-251-9790