refugeRefuge works to prevent childhood exposure to violence and abuse through direct therapeutic work with families, supportive services for child‐serving organizations, and community‐wide prevention education. Our primary focus is on children from birth to 11 years old, as they are the age groups with the biggest gap in violence prevention and intervention services in Madison County.

Refuge uses evidence‐based treatment models which incorporate individual, family, and group therapy to address each family’s unique needs and strengths. Because Refuge acknowledges that therapy alone is not sufficient to bring about healing and change, each family’s treatment plan also includes education, support, and referrals to other community services to provide holistic and comprehensive care.

Refuge is also committed to increasing support and protection for families throughout the community. As such, Refuge provides parenting classes, school‐based services, community education, consultation, and professional support to enhance the entire community’s capacity to support families dealing with abuse and violence.

Weekly Child / Family Therapy
Utilizing evidence-based therapeutic interventions such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, creative expression through play, art, and other forms of child-focused treatment.

Parent / Caregiver Case Management
Individual psycho-education on effects trauma has on children
Psycho-education on cycle of domestic violence (when needed)
Linkage to Community Resources
Support for parent / caregiver

Parent Education Groups
Ten week courses that provide parenting tips, healthy discipline alternatives, signs/symptoms of childhood exposure to trauma, caregiver stress coping skills, and developmental stages of infancy-adolescence.

For further information or referral:
Phone: (618) 251-9790 ext 203