Group Interventions

Group Interventions is a social service agency serving domestic violence abusers in Madison, Bond and St. Clair County. The service provided at RFM covers anyone living in Madison County.

Mission: Group Interventions prime mission is to provide safety for women and children in an abusive household or relationship.

Action: They conduct group sessions for individuals who are the abuser and provide them the opportunity to develop skills so they can make different choices in their relationships.

“Ending domestic violence is the responsibility of everyone. We must hold ourselves accountable by examining our beliefs about others and about how we, in particular, fit into our culture and society.

We must also hold abusers accountable and, in doing so, we will have a direct influence on the next generation. Violence in the home is a learned behavior that children learn from a larger violent society but they learn also from their more immediate role models. We have the opportunity right here, right now to make a change.” ~Terry Parker, MA, LPC

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