Riverbend Family Ministries would like to congratulate the winners of this year’s Grace Skief Volunteer Memorial Scholarship.

Aubrey Robinson –  EAWR High School
Aubrey is at the top of her class.  She has excelled in academics and sports.  In addition to that, she has been a volunteer for many activities.  She is going to attend Illinois State University to become a nurse –like her dad.  Aubrey is a kind, dedicated person.  She has done a lot of activities with special education students, other students who need to be tutored, and has worked each year with with families who do the Relay for Life at the high school. She has received many honors during high school and as a graduate; however, she will not be receiving financial aid, aside from scholarships and honors she has earned.
Tyler Gilbert – Roxana High School
Tyler has been accepted to Illinois College in Jacksonville.  He comes from a family of 4 and intends to major in Sociology and then continue grad school to become a Social Worker. Tyler comes highly recommended by his Youth and Family Minister from the Vaughn Hill Church of Christ, and the Science Club Sponsor from Roxana High School.  He says that helping others allows him to fill an empty hole where he felt the need for help himself.  He has gone to children’s homes and helped clean and has gone to retirement home to spread happiness and play games. In addition to his local volunteer services, Tyler has gone on mission trips to Arkansas to help others.  His Youth Minister also said Tyler’s work ethic is outstanding and he has been the janitor at the church this past year.  Tyler is a strong “B” student.
Madelyn Kate Ehlers – Civic Memorial High School
Madelyn is going to start her college education at Lewis and Clark Community College and then transfer to a 4 year university to complete her education in the field of Special Education.  Her friend, and teacher, Michele Kirby said Madelyn has always loved being around children whether babysitting, tutoring, working in the church nursery, or volunteering in a special education classroom.  The students “love” her. Madelyn’s world was shattered when she was in sixth grade. Her father, a teacher,was arrested and sentenced to 35 years in prison.  It was a complete shock to the family and to the community.  She felt out of control but realized she could control what she did with her education.  She knew she would need scholarships some day if she wanted to go to college.  She believes many teachers made a difference in her life and that is something she wants to do for others in return. She has been involved in athletics, as well as school organizations, honors programs, and academic volunteer opportunities.
We are so proud of all of our scholarship winners and look forward to the great things they have in store for their future!!