RFM Receives Award from Riverbend Growth Association

Wood River, IL – The RiverBend Growth Association’s (RBGA) Young Adults Committee awarded Riverbend Family Ministries with $3,300.


“The students selected Riverbend Family Ministries because they knew the money would go to help those most in need in our community,” said Alex St. Peters, RBGA’s Young Adults Committee Co-Chair.  “The students recognized the important work that RFM does on a daily basis, and they wanted to help out the best way they could.”


The Young Adults Committee (YAC) consists of representatives from RBGA member schools and mentors from the RBGA membership. This committee focuses on the importance of guiding our young adults to give back to their community through outreach within the nonprofit organizations in the RBGA membership.


“We were so fortunate to be selected by this group of incredible young adults,” said Tammy Iskarous, Riverbend Family’s Executive Director.  “Their dedication and passion for community will change the trajectory of generations to come. We are blessed to have them as partners in assisting our families in crisis.”


Iskarous said they’re so thankful to the Growth Association for putting this group together and walking alongside them as they navigate their last two formative years of high school.  During their service project back in February, they helped us move some things from our current building into our new facility across the street.


“After we had finished, we started talking about all the services in our building, one of the RBGA youth members asked: “If you were to win the grant what would you do with the money?”  Without hesitation, I told the group 100% would be spent on housing, utilities, and food for our families in crisis,” said Iskarous.


“Little did we know that a week later our world would be turned upside down due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Iskarous. “How timely this grant is right now as we navigate to help so many families in our area with these needs.”