Trivia with a Twist 2019

Trivia with a Twist

When: Friday, February 22; 7-10pm

Where: Best Western Premier Alton-St. Louis Area Hotel

We have 32 tables available and they usually fill up within the first two weeks. There are 8 per table, $20 for each player. Bring your own food & snacks, beverages can be bought there.

► Trivia with a Twist is a lot like the television show Jeopardy!—except that you don’t buzz-in and don’t put answers in question form.

☺There are three rounds: Jeopardy & Double Jeopardy (each with 5 categories, each category with 7 questions) as well as Final Jeopardy.

☺ Questions are more difficult and worth more points as you work down the board, and as you move from Jeopardy to Double Jeopardy.

► Trivia with a Twist allows you to wager any or all of your accumulative points in two ways:

☺ Wager on Daily Doubles (1 in Jeopardy; 2 in Double Jeopardy) and on the Final Jeopardy category.

☺ In each case, tables will see the category and their point totals before making their wager. When all wagers are submitted, the question is read.

► Trivia with a Twist even throws you a curve with Mulligans!

☺ there are 13 categories, but only 10 Mulligans . . . so use them wisely. However, you can’t use them on Daily Doubles or in Final Jeopardy.

☺ Mulligans are limited to 1 per category, and 5 each for both the Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy rounds.